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About Us

Hi, I'm Tim

Le Pub Scientifique Founder



I feel like I've had an extremely privileged career. I had the opportunity to share many long journeys and meals with Robbie Blake at the beginning of my Noigroup teaching career. He showed me how to communicate with groups, the passion to continue learning through your career and that you could have fun whilst doing this. David Butler gave me confidence in my knowledge and abilities whilst demonstrating a creative flare that motivates and inspires. He too showed that growth and learning could be exciting. I also spent many hours listening to Mick Thacker and seeing what deep knowledge and thinking really are. I have these three (and many more) to thank for being part of my personal and professional journey.

I met my wife Steph, studying our Masters in Pain at Kings College London, under Mick. We were fed stories of Pat Wall and were seduced by Pat's preference that all learning after 6pm should take place in the pub. Alongside our friend Danny Armitage, we created Le Pub Scientifique. We wanted to hear about the world of pain and dive deeper into the science of pain! It was important that this took place in an alternative learning environment where we could enjoy a drink, meet other like-minded people and build our tribe.

The first event was held on a hot Summer evening upstairs of a London pub in July 2012. Mick spoke about first-person neuroscience and a young(-ish) Morten H√łgh gathered data for a phenomenological study on bodily perception. Looking back at the first audience, several have now been presenters for Le Pub¬†(Morten H√łgh, Richmond Stace and Alex Irving)¬†and many are building exciting careers in the pain world! What was evident from the start was how many like-minded people wanted to dive-deeper into the world of pain and were interested in connecting with others. What was also evident was how the environment (and alcohol) helped free up discussion. The questioning and involvement of the audience has always been a huge part of the Le Pub events.

Why Le Pub Scientifique?


We started Le Pub so we could learn about pain and improve clinical skills with the best in the business. We wanted to learn in an informal, accessible and fun way (not a stuffy conference in sight) so we could ask the questions we wanted to ask and have a lot of fun along the way. We quickly realised that if we wanted to hear the answers to these questions then other clinicians would be interested too. 

We asked our dream guests, people who we admired, respected and revered and, (a little) to our surprise, everyone has come and very willingly! Many of our guests are now Le Pub members and friends. ‚Ā†

We are passionate about getting the world's brightest minds in pain research and the best pain clinicians in the business to share their knowledge and discoveries to help us become better, more confident and well balanced clinicians and people. 

Meet The Team


Bart van Buchem


Hi, I'm Bart

With a unique background in both physiotherapy and psychology, both clinically and academically, I am driven to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application. As a professional seeking continuous growth, Le Pub Scientifique to be the epicenter of my professional development. This platform has brought together different worlds, providing a rich and diverse learning environment. My passion for improving the treatment of patients with ongoing pain is ignited by the potential for continuous improvement through Le Pub Scientifique. It’s exciting to be part of this movement.

Joanna Taylor

Communication & operations

Hi, I'm Joanna

I am a business development coach and I am passionate about helping people to create businesses that light them up. Helping people to turn ideas into reality, to work in line with their values whilst also reaching their financial and personal aspirations. I have been working in healthcare for more than 20 years with brands like NOI, Le Pub, Pelvic Pain Matters and Mastersessions, as well as a whole host of private clients. I absolutely love being part of the Le Pub team, we have so much fun, it never feels like work. We meet the most amazing people, our members are like family and we always make time for a few beers!