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Sandy Hilton

Clinical Confidence

With 35+ years of experience helping people to manage their pain and get them back to doing the things that are important to them, Sandy's clinical expertise is second to none. ⁠

We are incredibly proud to welcome her to be our next Expert in Residence. to deliver four months of clinical coaching

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23 May - 30 August 2023

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Dr Jessica Eccles 

Neurodivergence and Pain

Thinking beyond neurotype: neurodivergence and pain.

Clinical psychiatrist, Dr Jessica Eccles will speak about her journey in brain-body research and how this has linked pain to neurodivergence. She will ask how considering these links is important for clinical practice and moving toward personalised healthcare

4 July 2023, 19.30 - 21.00 BST

Tickets: £20 - £35

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Professor Lorimer Moseley

Off the record with Lorimer Moseley

This event is live and face to face in Amsterdam

Lorimer is a scientist. He is acutely aware of the responsibility of scientists to make every effort to ‘dance to the data’ and do what they can to minimise bias, generalisation and assumptions; to be uber careful with how we describe things and what we claim.

Lorimer is also a clinician, thinker and person who has clinical ‘wins’ and ‘losses’, occasionally struggles with pain that doesn’t seem to make sense and can’t budge the internal suspicion that deep down, it might all come down to ‘love and be loved’.  In this Le Pub, the lab gloves are off and Lorimer the Wonderer, Clinician and Human will take the floor for some ‘cab-sav’ conversations and musings on ‘what might be’. For this Le Pub, we are 'off the record'.

8 June 2023, 19.00 - 21.00, live in Amsterdam

Tickets: €20

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