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Dr Bronnie Thompson

Clinical Confidence Coaching

November - December 2023

With decades of clinical and research experience, Dr. Bronnie Thompson is passionate about educating clinicians in persistent pain and health management. She teaches integrative techniques blending psychology, mindfulness, and occupational therapy. Her extensive knowledge and passion equip clinicians to help people achieve their potential despite illness.

We are incredibly proud to welcome Bronnie to deliver these four sessions of clinical coaching

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Richmond Stace and Tim Beames

Clinical Confidence Coaching Live

9 Dec 2023 12:00 - 21.00 GMT, Live Event

Join us for an amazing day of learning and connection with the original Pain Coach himself - Richmond Stace and Le Pub's founder, Pain Geek and Director of Entertainment, Tim Beames!

Get ready to dive deep into Richmond & Tim's magic mix of clinical skills, psychological know-how, and coaching mastery. Whether you're looking for new tools, a dose of inspiration, or a supportive community and a bloody good laugh, this day has it all.

The Legendary Le Pub Christmas Quiz!

We'll end the day with a Le Pub Christmas Quiz hosted by the one any only 'Queen of the Questions' Laura Rathbone, and then we'll cap everything off with a few festive drinks.

Tickets: £100 for Le Pub Premium Members / £150 for non-members / £20 for evening only

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Dr Ebonie Rio 

Clinical Confidence Coaching

January - February 2024

Dr. Ebonie Rio is a tendon research expert empowering dancers and athletes to optimise health through her blend of clinical practice and rehabilitation research. Her diverse experience across elite sports medicine and performing arts drives progress in understanding and managing tendon pain.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Ebonie to deliver these four sessions of clinical coaching

Exclusively available with Le Pub Premium membership. ⁠ 

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